About us

SpamRoom provides information about every property in the US. Each listing contains all property related records needed in making a decision: home values, sales history, taxes, size, structure characteristics, neighborhood information, local organizations, and other valuable information. Our records include publicly available information and estimates made by SpamRoom. Every piece of information will help you in making a right decision about a property – house, condo, apartment or commercial property. Our database consists of over 117 million properties. Data helps you to make a decision to buy or to rent and determine proper values. What makes SpamRoom unique is that we calculate unique characteristics that add value to a property or become a bargaining factors. Start using SpamRoom today!

What is SpamRoom?

SpamRoom is a website which aggregates real estate and property information for individual addresses.

Searches include the property owner, as well as resident and company tenant data for the past 10 years. Additionally, the listings include public property records, recent tax assessments, structural details and more. SpamRoom gives you easy access to everything publicly available about any address, including property owner, neighborhood profile and other records from all 50 states.

The SpamRoom project was launched in 2016 by a team that, at the time, had 10 years of experience in the sale and rental of real estate.